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It's a day to be thankful

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States so I thought it would be a good day to list the many things I'm thankful for in life.

I hope it's not too sappy for you guys.

I am Thankful for:

My Husband Who never annoys me too much, and is always there when I need him.

My Dad Who always seemed to find the money to make sure me and my brother never wanted for anything even though he was surviving on only his income for most of our childhood.

My Dog who is always happy to see me.

My mom who even though sometimes I'd love to slap her is always there if i call.

My best friend Nikki who has been there since 2nd grade.

The roof over my head.

The food in my cabinets.

My job that sometimes i don't feel like going to but overall is enjoyable.

Hot water that i looooove to soak in for long periods of time.

Dove Dark chocolate pieces which have fiber and comfort me during that time of the month.

My old teddy bear that has been with me since i was a baby and is still on my bed.

My Martial Arts Sifu who has taught me so much and continues to teach me.

Books. They comfort me and take me to places I'd otherwise never get to visit.

Comfortable Socks, I love my fuzzy, soft socks that keep my feet warm and cozy.

My Church/Pastor Which educates, comforts, and gives me a sense of peace I never thought i'd know.

Push-ups. Don't laugh. They are making me stronger and giving me sexy arms.

The clothes in my closet.

The beautiful weather we've hard so far this year.

My car that takes me where I need to be.

My faith which makes life so much more fulfilling and has changed me from the inside out.

All the TV shows that bring me joy, make me laugh, cry, and go "Wow I did not see that coming."

My Livejournal friends.

The internet, i know it has bad as well, but without there would be so much i have not experienced and so many people i never would have met.

My Creative talents God has blessed me with.

The fact that I am able to help others through my church have a good Thanksgiving as well.

That i can find some reason to smile everyday.

That i don't live my life angry at the world, always looking for something or someone to be angry at.

That I love myself.
That I love others.
That I love animals.

That when I finally listened to that feeling and left my crappy job, i got offered one at Curves the next time I came in and worked out. Now I'm the Manager there and I love it.

That I got a bad feeling the day my husband had his aortic dissection and choose to go home instead of Target after shopping at Bestbuy.

That my brother hit the ditch just perfectly (if he had hit it any other way at all he'd be dead right now where talking inches) and survived with only two broken ankles. He's up and walking/running again now.

and most importantly I am thankful for God, without him I would not have any of these things.

Peace and love. I hope you have a great Day :)
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