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Change is the only Constant.

So I've lived in Texarkana for quite a few months now. I haven't really been online much, haven't visited tumblr either (except today lol, trying to get back to my creative outlets). I've been focused on getting settled and building a life here for myself. I didn't allow myself much online time.

Things are okay. I have some good days, some bad days.

I miss my family and friends. I wish I could go back to Ohio, but that's not going to happen.

I left my job at Michaels, had some issues there. Last day was a few weeks ago. I am now working in a video game/movie store which is great for me as those are two of my passions. I'll start my 4th week Monday, I'm enjoying it.

Other than that I hope to get back to tumblr a bit here and there, and I miss vidding and making art, so hopefully i'll find some time for that again.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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